Sitebee Web Development

Web Development, IT Support & Internet Marketing Specialists

Why choose Us

Years of experience within the web development and online marketing industries have given our team a motivational edge and the confidence to provide a very high standard of service, while remaining within the marketing budget set by our clients.

It makes sense, we generate additional enquiries and leads for your company. In return you continue to use our services in a working relationship.

Our Mission

Sitebee was created by our founders with the sole aim of being able to make high standards of website design services and digital marketing resources accessible to small and medium-sized businesses at affordable prices.

It's simple. We generate online enquiries for your business. Think of your website as the shop window to the world.

What we Do

We build and publish websites, then promote them on the internet using search engine optimisation and social media marketing.

We build Apps for mobile devices. We register domain names and setup web servers for hosting websites and applications, setup CRM's and ERP systems. We can also provide IT services, hardware recycling and office tech/ hardware setups.

Sitebee History

Sitebee was founded in Bolton, Lancashire in May 2011 with the aim of providing low-cost web development services to startups, and small to medium-sized businesses.

In late autumn 2014 Sitebee established a base in Manchester to serve a wider radius throughout Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire.

Your Future

Our goals are simple, design, build and advertise start-ups / small and established medium sized business websites and marketing at affordable prices.

We are not promising the world, exponential growth or selling you the dream. We provide the stepping stones such as advice, experience and service to help your business establish a foothold on the Internet!

Our Future

Whatever service we provide, we are aiming for repeat business. We fill the gap between cowboys and extortionate agency fees! We provide affordable transparent web development and digital marketing services that add value to a business and drive targeted visitors to your websites.