News Update – Sitebee back on the scene

Those who know me will know I took a break away from Sitebee for 6 months to concentrate on other projects, life etc. It was a much needed break whilst I got my life in order and concentrated on the really important things that matter to me. I even have a new full-time job with […]

Google algorithm update (Sept 2016)

google update

Here at Sitebee we have noticed some significant disturbances in the Google organic SERP’s  (Search Engine Ranking Positions) recently. We strongly suspect than Google has rolled out a Penguin (Backlinks) update. There is also a lot of chatter across the Internet to back up this theory, although tight lipped Google will not confirm this.   […]

Service Focus: SEO Audit

In a contract with an SEO Agency? Would you like a second opinion of the work they are carrying on your business website? Would you like to know how many backlinks they have really created? We can help, for a one fee! We will probe, audit and meticulously analyze the onsite optimisation of your website. […]

Client management area almost ready

Most web development agencies rely on old fashioned invoices and spreadsheets to keep track of their client data, invoices and workflow. Here at Sitebee we go even further, we have our own client management CRM. Every one of our clients will soon have access to their own private client area. You will be able to […]

Additional Web Server Ready

Due to the popularity of our North West based affordable managed web hosting services, we are happy to announce the deployment of an additional web hosting server with SSD and cPanel performance. This is for new online marketing and web development clients of Sitebee, whom we provide 1 years free web hosting services as a […]

Driving Your Social Media Campaigns with Competitive Insight

If you’re not already monitoring your competition, you’re probably falling behind the competition. Not only is it important to monitor the competition in terms of products and services, it’s also vital to know what your competition’s doing in the world of social media. By understanding what’s working for them, you can gain greater insight into […]

Redesigned Website for Sitebee

Sitebee have given our website a revamp, if you have visited our website previously you will notice the difference. The website is now mobile friendly responsive and loads much faster than before, we have not completely finished just yet, we still need a new more polished logo set. Within the next couple of weeks we […]

Testing the new Sitebee Featured Image

You can ignore this post, its for our testing purposes for the new blog overhaul and redesign. Let’s say that again “You can ignore this post, its for our testing purposes for the new blog overhaul and redesign”. Let’s say that again “You can ignore this post, its for our testing purposes for the new […]

New Website – Almost Ready

Sitebee has been very busy particularly over the last few months with helping to promote websites and building a couple of new websites for local businesses. In the midst of all that hive of activity we have been working on a new website for Sitebee, it’s a complete overhaul. New branding, graphics and style, it’s […]

Hello There

Does`nt time just fly by? It`s been 8 months since my last confession (whoops! I meant blog post). Here`s a quick update for the lovely visitors of Sitebee. I`ve not fallen of the edge of the planet, however I have been busy working on Gigarank, my other bit on the side. I`m back on the […]