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Sales vs Marketing Infographic

An email arrived in my inbox this morning from a lead gen marketing company based in the United States, I was invited to share an infographic (I get these all the time) this particular infographic actually caught my attention as everything depicted is very true, and to throw a snip on the infographic, the creators […]

Why WordPress Is Better Than Other Frameworks

I am not advocating wordpress but because of its extensive use I have found it a better framework from other platform. My write up would help you sort out the right framework for your development process. WordPress Theme Frameworks WordPress is awesome open source web software used to create beautiful websites and blog. It is […]

4 Methods to Make Sure Your Content Gets Attention

The internet is a great thing. However, it’s also a competitive landscape – with hundreds of millions of eyes to vie for, getting your work in-front of the widest audience possible is no longer a matter of simply uploading a new page of content and waiting for magic to happen. If you want your content […]

Responsive Email Designs – Infographic

Our friends over at Email Monks have created a fantastic Infographic detailing the rise of emails being read on smartphones. Our latest infographic on Mobile Friendly Emails will walk you through the importance of adapting responsive mobile email techniques in 2013. As 75% of the companies do not optimize email for mobiles yet, they continue […]

The History of Hard Drives! Infographic

One of the readers of Sitebee blog posted a very cool infographic about the history of Hard Disk Drives (HDD) so I thought I would share it with you all. Credits: Mike at Rockland IT Solutions. hard drive history

Why You Should Shop Local for Your Search and Social

The internet age has made the world a much smaller place for businesses. You’re small local boutique can now ship their products globally, and UK businesses can take advantage of the huge pool of overseas talent and manufacturers. Looking far and wide for business partners isn’t always the right option though, and if you’re on […]

Magento eBay

In just a few years of its existence, Magento has gone from a newbie in the market to a top selling ecommerce product today. By the company’s own admission, the product has been picked up by over 110,000 merchants all over the world. The company provides best in class support to its clients on a […]