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Testing the new Sitebee Featured Image

You can ignore this post, its for our testing purposes for the new blog overhaul and redesign. Let’s say that again “You can ignore this post, its for our testing purposes for the new blog overhaul and redesign”. Let’s say that again “You can ignore this post, its for our testing purposes for the new […]

BeadySite 2.0

A revamped version of the free template that I created back in 2011 called Beadysite will be available to download very soon. The new version is mobile device friendly (responsive) and just like the original very easy to edit the html coding, almost anyone can edit the template with just a little html knowledge. Beadysite […]

Who created the Bitcoin virtual currency system?

It’s no secret that Bitcoin comes with its fair share of controversy but what most people don’t realise is, it’s also shrouded in a veil of mystery. That’s because, even five years after its launch, nobody knows who came up with the original idea for the virtual currency system. It’s an interesting story when you […]

Keeping your website yearly date upto date!

Here`s one for my blog readers to think about: Have you updated the date on your website? Don`t worry your not alone, it`s still very early 2013 and most website owners have other things on their minds. I would certainly recommend though when you get the time to update the date / copyright notice on […]

Selling a Website Tutorial

In today`s blog post I thought I would touch on the process of selling websites.  I have sold a number of websites and domains over the years and I thought I would share some of my experiences and lessons I`ve learned in selling them. This has come about through a forum post I read today, […]

Now Accepting Guest Blog Post`s

Sitebee are happy to announce that we are now accepting guest bloggers! If your a content writer, marketeer or just simply want to showcase your work. Sitebee will accommodate you. All we ask for in return is that the content you produce is original (not duplicate content) and that your guest blog post is related […]

Resident Evil Incubate – Full Movie

Resident Evil Incubate Movie – DivX The Resident Evil / Bio Hazard 4 Incubate plays out like a movie made using the live action scenes within the game. Resident Evil Incubate movie by capcom. Contains views and scenes that cannot be seen in the game. Video not suited for childrens viewing. PG 15 No video? […]

Printers in Bolton and Manchester

Looking for a cheap printers? I have been using a printers in Manchester called Brearleys. Some of the companies that I have maintaining  websites for have vans and cars which require vehicle graphics. I have been recommending Manchester based printing company to them. Simply because their great, prices are fantastic and the quality of the […]

Check If Someone Is Using Your Home Wi-Fi Connection

Heres a great guide that I found on how to check is someone is stealing your bandwidth from your home wifi connection and how to stop them. This is a must read if you suspect if your wifi bandwidth is slow, Someone could be piggybacking your wifi connection.   There are many reasons why you’d […]

Driving Lessons

I have been thinking about maybe it`s time to learn to drive, I dont really need a car but it would be nice to atleast to pass my driving test. I think I have found a driving instructor in Bolton that I would use. I suppose now I have to think about what days I […]