Google algorithm update (Sept 2016)

google update

Here at Sitebee we have noticed some significant disturbances in the Google organic SERP’s  (Search Engine Ranking Positions) recently. We strongly suspect than Google has rolled out a Penguin (Backlinks) update. There is also a lot of chatter across the Internet to back up this theory, although tight lipped Google will not confirm this.   […]

Service Focus: SEO Audit

In a contract with an SEO Agency? Would you like a second opinion of the work they are carrying on your business website? Would you like to know how many backlinks they have really created? We can help, for a one fee! We will probe, audit and meticulously analyze the onsite optimisation of your website. […]

4 Methods to Make Sure Your Content Gets Attention

The internet is a great thing. However, it’s also a competitive landscape – with hundreds of millions of eyes to vie for, getting your work in-front of the widest audience possible is no longer a matter of simply uploading a new page of content and waiting for magic to happen. If you want your content […]

Google Penguin: Link Spam Recovery Process

The Google Penguin algorithm update has changed the process of SEO and link building techniques.   You will need to investigate what could have ruined your site’s trust with Google in the first place. You’ll have to look at your linking practices and see where it went wrong. Exact match anchor text links, for example, […]

NoFollow and Dofollow Links Explained

Types of Links Dofollow A Dofollow link is is your favourite, those are the links which will increase your search engine rankings. A Dofollow link carries SEO juice that transfers a percentage of seo juice from one page to another, they also transfer page rank. These are the kind of links you should primarily aim […]

Google Page Rank Update February 4th 2013

Some of you with a website may have noticed your Google Page Rank increase or decrease on your webpages today. Well from what I can gather there has been a Page Rank update today (Monday 4th February) I have seen many increases across the websites that Sitebee work with, which is a good sign. To […]

Why You Should Shop Local for Your Search and Social

The internet age has made the world a much smaller place for businesses. You’re small local boutique can now ship their products globally, and UK businesses can take advantage of the huge pool of overseas talent and manufacturers. Looking far and wide for business partners isn’t always the right option though, and if you’re on […]

Sitewide HTTPS:// and SEO

In the coming weeks I`m planning on making the whole Sitebee website secure through the SSL protocol, now the only drawback is that the search engines will see two different versions of the Sitebee website. One on the standard http:// and the other on https:// protocols. In the eyes of search engine crawlers that equates […]

Google Pagerank Update Schedule 2013

Here is the expected arrival dates for the Google Page rank updates for 2013. If you followed the pagerank updates in 2012 you will notice that the time- frames are almost the same. The PR algorithm updates are performed 4 time per year. Now as mentioned they are expected updates, Google may change the dates. […]

SEO for Manchester Businesses

SEO Manchester If your a Manchester Business with a website that you would like to promote on the internet then Sitebee can help! We provide local and national SEO campaigns using proven techniques, our SEO campaigns will get your website ranking for your products and services. What makes us different from other SEO agencies is […]