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» Google algorithm update (Sept 2016)

google update

Here at Sitebee we have noticed some significant disturbances in the Google organic SERP’s  (Search Engine Ranking Positions) recently. We strongly suspect than Google has rolled out a Penguin (Backlinks) update. There is also a lot of chatter across the Internet to back up this theory, although tight lipped Google will not confirm this.


What do this mean?

Every so often, Google make amendments to the rankings algorithm, which is meant to rank good quality websites on the first page and low quality websites further down the rankings. So in theory if you have a good user friendly website with good clean meaningful backlinks you should rank higher than competitors with a lower quality website and dodgy backlinks.

Without going too techy, Google uses over 200 signals in their closely guarded rankings algorithm to determine the quality websites that deserve recognition.

Why are we posting this?

If you have seen significant movement in your search engine rankings recently, then possibly it could be due to the unconfirmed update by Google. We know most of our Sitebee customers have seen a significant improvement in their Google search rankings. If you have been affected in a negative way, reach out to Sitebee SEO Consultants whom can diagnose the issue and work effectively to fix it and increase the search engine exposure of your business website.

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