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Does`nt time just fly by? It`s been 8 months since my last confession (whoops! I meant blog post). Here`s a quick update for the lovely visitors of Sitebee. I`ve not fallen of the edge of the planet, however I have been busy working on Gigarank, my other bit on the side.

I`m back on the scene again with Sitebee, I`m currently in the planning stages of a full revamp of the Sitebee website, think i`m going down the static route this time, leaving WordPress in the shadows for blog entries only. Only one problem I cannot decide on a layout that represents Sitebee, I`m very good at branding other companies and their websites but not my own. How do that work?

Updates and a sneak peak coming soon, see you shortly.

Feel free to contact me if you require any freelance web design or digital marketing doing.

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