PPC Management

We can improve almost any PPC campaign & deliver an exceptionally high ROI.

Hire an expert for ppc management?

For a fast return on investment, you need to create a PPC campaign for your business. Sitebee has the expertise in creating campaigns in Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and social media advertising (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn)

We can help your business reach potential customers who are already interested in what you have to offer through major search engines, social media, and more. No matter what type of industry your company serves and no matter the size, our Manchester based PPC experts and Internet marketing consultants can give your business the edge you need to promote your products and services to potential customers.

We know that many business owners have limited funds for the marketing and advertising sector, so we will work diligently to provide you with the highest quality ads and ad placements possible, while staying within your budget.

Top of the page with conversions

Our PPC analysts refine your local Pay Per Click ads until you reach the optimal formula for reaching local customers. We test different PPC Ads to identify which one is the most profitable for you by converting your local customers. We also keep an eye on your top competitors and make sure that you are always on the first page.

Contact Sitebee today to increase your conversion rate and grow your business through our targeted PPC advertising strategies. Call 0161 883 2329 for free information today from local online marketing professionals.

Our Management Fees

Your Monthly Adwords Budget
Setup Fee
Monthly Management Fee
Up to £499 £75 £100
Up to £999 £100 £150
£1,000 – £4,999 £250 £350
£5,000 – £9,999 £600 £750
£10,000 + Please Call Please Call 0161 883 2329
ppc spend

ppc spend 2

What We will do for you

  • Set up your PPC account if you do not have one already
  • Review your current Adwords campaigns
  • Research keywords and trends in your market
  • Set up new campaigns
  • Design your Ads
  • Research your audience and the best timings for your Ads
  • Optimise your website landing pages
  • Monitor your budget and adjust Ads that are not performing
  • Link your Adwords account to Google Analytics
  • Report back to you on progress

Our aim is to enhance your enquiries and sales

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Local and Accountable

When you employ Sitebee to promote your businesses online visibility, you're hiring local accountable professionals, It is very simple really, we make you money by providing the very best online marketing stategies and you reward that with loyality by staying with us as a client.

monthly updates

Monthly Update

All Sitebee we provide all our PPC management clients a monthly full statistical report and follow up phone call to speak about the campaign, ad spend and answer any questions.