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Affordable secure business website hosting

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£19.99 £13.99 per month

Business class, fast, powerful and secure website hosting. With over a decade experience in the web hosting industry, we ensure your website is online 24/7 with 99.9% uptime guarantee.

One package to suit most business hosting needs with upto 50 business email accounts.

99.9% Uptime

We guarantee that your website and email will online 24/7/365.

Payment Options

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Direct Debit and Paypal.

We provide secure speedy cPanel web hosting for our clients, packed with features you'll come to love. Features such as business class email in POP3, IMAP and webmail access. Uptime and speed are not comprimised neither, our server is a blazing fast UK based to ensure speedy page loads, downloads and email delivery.

We know your busy, no time to be wasting hours each month maintaining web hosting accounts. Put your faith in Sitebee, let us deal with keeping your websites and email accounts up and running 23/7/365 with 99% uptime. We charge just £9.99 per for web hosting accounts which should be more than enough for most small to medium websites. Addons and upgrades available as your business grows.

When you choose Sitebee to look after your website hosting, your using a web hosting industry expert with 10+ years of experience in setting up dozens of servers, email servers, configuring and securing (PCI DSS compliant) servers that host ten's of thousands of websites.

Chris (the founder) has helped to setup and manage successful web hosting businesses. Acquiring many leading expert industry contacts along the way. Chris setup a popular hosting provider called Gigarank with over 50,000 and growing members.

Our promise is to keep your data and website files safe, we employ a myriad of processes and checklists with daily audits and checks of account and server level integrity. We're dedicated to being more than just another web hosting provider, as we see ourselves as a long-term partners of your business tasked with handling a critical component of your business.

So you can rest assured that all of your online activity and your overall digital presence are safe, secure and taken care of. Contact the team at Sitebee for more information on our website hosting service.

Web hosting for Business

For only £13.99 per month
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At Sitebee, we understand not all businesses have the same needs when searching for small business web hosting services in the North West. Our website hosting services starts at £13.99 per month, meaning you don't pay for more than you require, which should be more than for most small to medium sized businesses. As you grow we will upgrade the web space and bandwidth to match your usage (charges apply).

With more than 10 years of experience in the web hosting business, we don't need to try and prove we are among the top Manchester (UK) based web hosting providers, we are confident that we provide the best website hosting platform when it comes to providing web hosting services for SmB's.

Softaculous Auto Installer

Install popular scripts without the need of a web professional
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The Softaculous feature included within your cPanel control panel allows you to install over 350 popular web applications quickly and easily with just the click of a button. From Wordpress, to drupal to a fast install Magento online shop you can easily maintain many useful PHP and Javascript software applications, safe in the knowledge that our servers are performance optimised and ready to fully support them for you.

Build your website faster and easier using Softaculous, When a new version of a software solution becomes available, Softaculous will automatically notify you. Just log into your control panel and 1-click update your software so you get the most secure and highest performing software version.

Softaculous is included FREE with your account within your award winning cPanel control panel.

Web Space & Bandwidth

Every account comes with minimum of 10GB Website and 50GB Data Transfer

Our business hosting plan comes with a massive 10GB of secure web space to host all your websites, files, downloads and email accounts.


We also provide a minimum of 50GB data transfer (bandwidth) per account. No matter how many visitors you get or emails you send/recieve you need not worry about running out of bandwidth, we know in choosing a business hosting provider bandwidth is an important factor so we offer very generous amounts of bandwidth on your hosting account. As your sites grow over time you can upgrade your bandwidth. 95% of our users never use more than about 5-15GB per month, Our package has a minimum of 50GB.

Human Support

We are here to help you when you need it the most.

Our friendly team is on hand to resolve issues, answer questions, and ensure you get back to what's important – your website – as soon as possible.

When contacting us, remember to have your questions ready and your account information available. This way we can get your questions and problems solved as soon as possible.

* Prices shown excluding VAT, VAT will be added upon registration.