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Hello, and welcome to Sitebee Search Consultancy. We offer a wide range of technical & SEO Consultant services.

Being based in Manchester the digital hub of the North, we're able to service clients throughout the North West of England. Providing high-quality bespoke campaigns and projects, our objectives are clear. Providing our clients the quickest best-practice route to ROI (return on investment).

Sitebee Search Consultancy are a small team of marketing and web development professionals based in Manchester. We offer a range of technical SEO, content development, local and national SEO as well as outreach and link-building services. We also provide website development and design services, creating bespoke websites at affordable freelance prices.

Leverage new opportunities for your future organic growth

We can identify how your organic SEO budget could work harder and stretch further. This doesn't mean spending more, just focusing the balance of where budgets and attention should be.

Our goal is simple, to maximise the return on your online spend. We will help your team tackle through the existing issues and leverage new opportunities for your future organic growth.

Give us a call or drop us an email, we'll arrange a convenient time to discuss how we'll devise a killer strategy to improve the organic visibility and traffic to your website. We provide coverage throughout the UK, including Manchester, Bristol, Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh, London, Norwich and Birmingham.

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Image above, doubled organic & direct traffic in 12 months

Technical SEO Audits

Have a great looking website with lots of valuable content? Is it not performing as expected? How about we help you identify any underlying issues that could be holding it back from reaching its maximum organic search visibility? Enquire about our Technical SEO Audits.

White Label SEO

Are you a development or consulting agency that frequently has questions about search engine optimisation services from your clients? Have you considered white-label SEO?

Link Building Services

Having a fully optimised website helps with attracting visitors to your websites. Although, if you really want to earn and drive traffic to your website you're going to need domain equity. That equity comes from other authoritative websites linking to yours. Find out more.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a fantastic opportunity to attract customers that are located in your surrounding areas. We offer organic and Google my Business optimisation services.

Digital marketing Training

Do you need to upskill your marketing and content teams with handy actionable SEO insights and best practice implementation? Sitebee provide SEO training, presentations and Q&A sessions with bespoke training materials tailored to your industry.

Freelance SEO Prices

Looking around for digital marketing quotes for your business? Include us in your tendering list, we know you will be pleasantly surprised. Quality affordable digital marketing services at the third of agency prices.

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Expert digital marketing & technical SEO services Manchester & UK.
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Why should you work with us?

We're an extension of your team

We bridge that gap between SEO agencies who ask you to commit to expensive long-term contracts and the flexibility of working with freelancers. We occupy that space inbetween, we do not tie you into any long-term contracts. You are free to use our resources and expertise as and when you need it.

You can hire our team to collaborate with your team. Think of us as an extension of your marketing team, we have the technical expertise along with almost a decade worth of search engine marketing knowledge. We're available by the hour, project based or contract-free retainer. We can be as flexible as you need us to be.

Affordable for all Businesses

We are flexible with our pricing, you can access our consultancy and technical SEO services by the hour at a fixed £40 per-hour. Or you can save 25% by block booking 10-hour slots for only £300. (maximum block booking is limited to 3 per month per client, no rollover hours allowed) We invoice all our clients on the 4th of each month.

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Technical SEO Audits

Find opportunities for growth by uncovering issues that could be affecting organic visibility and traffic.

Are you having trouble ranking in Google search, and not sure exactly why? Book a in-depth assessment of all technical aspects that affect organic traffic, targeting issues related to crawling, indexation, and visibility.

Expert SEO audit to improve your website's conversions

We understand the different factors that could positively or negatively impact your website's search rankings. Therefore, we will scrutinise every aspect..

Covering all bases to address any technical SEO issues, we will look at website structure, sitemaps, robots.txt, headings and content formatting, internal linking strategy, inbound link quality, redirection strategy & redirect chains, structured data strategy, pageload speed, server config, bloated code and thin content.

Going over whole checklist of best practices to ensure your website is on the path to being fully-optimized, ready to move up the search rankings. I also conduct manual sense checking that auditing tools can often miss.

Performing an technical SEO audit requires an in-depth look at from every imaginable angle. Deciphering what tasks need doing in order of priority, and impact level. We will provide you with a detailed analysis, firstly outlining the issues, providing actionable recommendations to address them.

Stop the guesswork and finger pointing and get a professional technical SEO audit of your website and start improving your organic visibility.

Sitebee Search Consultancy are a freelance Digital Marketing Agency based in the heart of Manchester. Reach us on: 0161 883 2249

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Experts in performing Technical SEO Audits

SEO Auditing Services Manchester & throughout the UK.
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Upto 25000 URLs

  • Comprehensive SEO Audit Report
  • Detailed List of Issues
  • Plan of Action to Resolve
  • Upto 1 Week Delivery

Upto 5000 URLs

  • Comprehensive SEO Audit Report
  • Detailed List of Issues
  • Plan of Action to Resolve
  • Upto 72hrs Delivery

Fast Track Audit

Call for details
  • Comprehensive SEO Audit Report
  • Detailed List of Issues
  • Plan of Action to Resolve
  • Critical Intervention

With a thorough SEO audit, it's possible to discover the untapped potential of your website

Focused on understanding what makes a tangible difference to your business, ensuring maximum ROI. Covering, but not limited to:

  • Internal Linking
  • Redirection & Redirect Chains
  • Indexability
  • Thin Content & Legible font sizes
  • Image Indexation & Missing ALTs
  • Canonical Strategy
  • Bounce Rate
  • Canibalisation
  • Conversion Rate
  • Structured Data (Schema)
  • Crawl Budget Optimisation
  • Page Resources
  • Site Speeds
  • Mobile Rendering
  • AMP
  • International SEO(HREFLANG)
  • XML Sitemaps
  • External Influences
  • CDN Usage & Config
  • Minify CSS & JavaScript
  • 4XX & 5XX Responses

We'll go over the findings of our SEO audit on a conference call that explains what the issues are, and more importantly, what we recommend you do about them. You'll receive the full report with actionable SEO recommendations that will help you improve your rankings, increase traffic from organic search, and ultimately drive more sales and conversions.

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What happens next – should you wish to proceed and use Sitebee Search Consultancy to perform and SEO Audit. Please complete the booking form, (or telephone us) ensuring you have the correct website address, adding any information you feel would be relevant. We will contact you via email to discuss a convenient time to talk over the phone. The phone call is to help identify any issues with organic visibility or website issues that you know about. When the audit is complete you will receive a document detailing all of the conducted tests and examinations, outlining any potential issues. We will also follow it up with a phone call explaining all areas of the document to help you with better understanding what work and resources is required. We would be happy to undertake any further SEO consultation work should you wish to appoint us.

Some of our customers may not have any issues with their website, they order an audit report for piece of mind. Ensuring they are following best practice techniques. Although, in almost all cases we have identified room for improvement that's not been previously thought about. Such as internal linking opportunities, indexability and crawl budget optimisation. Let that be food for thought. We also operate under confidentiality, meaning if you're looking to impress your boss nobody else needs to know.

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