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Digital Marketing & Web Development

Freelancer available for hire, my expertise is in organic search consultancy, technical SEO, and front-end website development. Following W3C and Google best practice guidelines with bleeding-edge techniques.

Manchester-based digital marketing and web development expert with over 250 projects and campaigns experience. Affordable digital consultancy at £35ph or less for repeat custom. Availability for June, July, August, onwards.

I can identify how to make your organic SEO budget work harder and stretch further

My style is impact priority order, that means the quickest best practice route to ROI. Starting with the technical SEO audit as I need to establish which overall site quality signals need attention first, ring-fencing your stronger website assets and working to improve the weaknesses.

My job is straightforward, to deliver organic growth. As simple as that sounds the complexities with pleasing, and obtaining sign-off from stakeholders is somewhat difficult. That's why I delve and drill-down into your sector-lead competitor strategies. Understanding the methodologies and implementation techniques that gave them sector prominence in the first place. A sure-fire technique that goes a long way in leveling-up the playing field.

organic keywords

Example above, impact of keyword research on meta's and headings

With over 7 years agency side experience, and with well over a decade hands-on practical know-how, my problem solving and troubleshooting level is sharp and broad. Working with, and collaborating with many recognised brands. I'm available for retainer work, consultancy, and one-off projects.

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Organic Search

I've helped atleast 250 companies get a foothold online and climb up the rankings in Google organic search. Would you like to be next?

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Technical SEO

Technical SEO is about ensuring a website is properly optimised to maximise potential visibility in search engines.

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SEO Audits

I use cutting-edge auditing tools and good old-fashioned experience and manual testing. Get in touch to book an SEO audit.

I'm passionate about helping businesses improve or establish an online presence by creating a professional website aimed at their target audiences

As a web design freelancer, I develop and publish beautiful websites that are engaging for your target audience, easy to use, add value to your business through enquiries, conversions, sales that achieve measurable results. From the smallest and simplest of brochure/lead-gen sites to the large and complex eCommerce websites.

I specialise in the design, creation and the publishing of practical websites and small e-commerce (online shop) sites for small and medium-sized businesses.

Ongoing Support - Full support is provided for all websites I build, free for the first month after publishing and based on hourly rate after. For your convenience I use support ticketing system.


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Website Design

I design, build and publish wonderful websites. I'm an expert in publishing fast mobile friendly futureproof websites.


Online Shopping Site

I specialise in the deployment of Magento, Prestashop, Woo-Commerce & Opencart. Simple, intuitive eCommerce platforms.

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Wordpress (CMS) Website

Need a website you can update and edit on a day-to-day basis? Then a template driven Wordpress (CMS) site will be perfect for your requirements.

Why Hire a Freelancer?

Back in 2011, I setup Sitebee to help local businesses in my hometown of Bolton to establish a foothold within the digital landscape. A lot has changed since then. Manchester has become the authoritative digital marketing hub of the UK, which led to me moving to Manchester working agency side.

Working fulltime for digital marketing agencies you're met with many demanding clients, KPIs, algorithm updates, red tape and challenges. Navigating through those challenges is not always easy, although the skills, experience and knowledge acquired can be many times that of in-house expertise. Simply put, I've worked damn hard to acquire all the knowledge and problem-solving experience.

What I have to offer is many years experience in helping businesses establish and grow online. Working freelance, I can offer agency level experience at a 3rd of the cost. The compromise being nothing.

I work from home and hotdesk with substantially lower overheads than agency counterparts. Accepting briefs for retainers, project collaborations and hourly-based. The suites of tools, workflow and methodologies are still the same.


Mobile: 07821 170 682
Landline: 0161 883 2249

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