Google’s search team are rolling out a 2-part algorithm update commonly known as ‘Broad Core Updates’. The first part of the algorithm update has recently been rolled, with the second part of the algorithm due for release shortly after in July.

I would expect one of these 2-part algorithm updates to include the Core Web Vitals and Page Experience update. Which likely explains the quick successive Broad Core Updates. In the years I have been tracking Google’s algorithm updates, especially the Broad Core Updates, I have never seen such quick succession.

In reality, large-scale algorithm updates such as the Broad Core Updates have slowed down. With Google favouring smaller unannounced updates. So, it is interesting to see this activity from Google’s search quality teams. I will be keeping a close eye on the SERP fluctuations.

As for an early analysis of the Broad Core Update ramifications. As always Google’s intention is to improve the quality of the search results. This means there will be winners and losers in the form of rankings drops and ranking gains.

The Broad Core updates are large-scale algorithm updates that tweak, refine and create ranking signals. The tweaking and refining usually involving reweighting and deweighting of established ranking signals or outright sunsetting (removal) ranking signals that have been replaced. Such as what is happening with the Core Web Vitals which is poised to replace a set of evaluation metrics that measures performance.

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