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Posted on October 17th, 2018 under Sitebee Offers, Deals & Updates by Chris Lever

Unbeknown to most of the Sitebee visitors, I dialed down my freelance work over the Summer whilst I concentrated on purchasing a house for my family. Now that stressful process is behind me and we’ve almost finished with the decorating of the new family home, it’s now time to pick back up the pace to readdress the depleted funds.

From the beginning of November and subsequent months, I have availability for around 10 hours per month to collaborate and contribute to digital marketing and web development projects. Just for clarity, I work freelance in the evenings and weekends, although happy to jump on a phone call anytime.

Have a gander through my website, if you think my skillsets and affordability are something you’d be interested in, then drop me an email or phone me. We’ll arrange a convenient time to discuss any challenges and objectives your business is facing in the ever competitive online landscape.

Oh, one last thing before I sign off for the evening. I’m looking to market myself as a leading Manchester based tech SEO. If any digital marketing agencies/recruitment consultants reading this are interested in having a quarterly blog article on SEO best practices, I would be happy to collaborate. Reach out to me, I’m sure we can work something out. Heck, I can white label under your brand if you’re having resourcing issues.

Thanks for reading, be sure to get in touch.


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