Having trouble with meeting the criteria for passing the Core Web Vitals and Page Experience algorithm update? Sitebee can help with identifying the problematic areas that are weighing down performance. Identify what needs remedial action that needs to be completed to pass Core Web Vitals and pass the Page Experience metrics. They are Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID) and Cumulative Layout Shifts (CLS).

Sitebee will help you to first understand why your website fails to Core Web Vitals and Page Experience user-centric metrics. Providing detailed actionable recommendation for your developers to action. Working towards achieving the critically acclaimed Fast Page Badge displayed to Google’s users in the Mobile SERPs and winning that Core Web Vitals rankings boost.

LCP – Largest Contentful Paint

LCP – Largest Contentful Paint LCP measures how long it takes for the largest content element (think hero banner images, background videos, etc) on your page to become visible within your visitor’s viewport (above the fold). Optimising for LCP will yield performance boosts that will directly benefit your visitor’s browsing experience on your website.

FID – First Input Delay

FID – First Input Delay measures the time it takes for a visitor first interaction (think scrolling, click a button, navigation, etc) from the moment they landed on your website. Code bloat, parsing HTML and executing JavaScript are the major components that slow down interaction time.

CLS – Cumulative Layout Shift

CLS – Cumulative Layout Shift, or commonly known as Layout Shifts is when elements of a page (think animations, modals, banners, etc) are loaded in the HTML DOM after FID, causing unexpected layout shifts. Google themselves are far the worst offender of Layout Shifts. CLS is part of the Page Experience update.

Reach out to us to take advantage of the free 30 minute technical SEO consultation. We can pinpoint failing Core Web Vitals elements and provide feedback to resolve.