Over the last week I have seen a flood of chatter within the search community and webmasters who have reported fluctuations in search rankings that have been too big to ignore. One of the first conclusions is I wonder if Google have rolled out another algorithm update? Or are they conducting further user orientated tests. Both are plausible, Google roll out many updates per year and conduct numerous tests. For example, the mobile index to a certain extent is already out the wild. How do I know this? I have seen evidence such as mismatching schema dates across devices in the organic serps.

Back to the point, I do think there’s been a major update that Google are numbing down. Some of the brands I work with have seem a significant boost in organic visibility. One of my own sites has seen a recent boost in organic visibility too. So the question is what has changed to cause that? My first chain of thought could it have be a Panda refresh? Reading between the lines I now think otherwise, it appears to have been a overall site quality update. Possibly content related, although at this point I’m yet to be 100% convinced of that.

Danny Sullivan aka Search Liaison on Twitter (who now works for Google) tweeted there has been a “broad core search algorithm update”.

He never really offered any more detailed info, understandable why though in this day and age. The web spammers are quick to jump on any algorithm updates to see what quick-wins they can exploit. I will keep an eye on any developing news on the March 2018 Google algorithm updates and update accordingly here on my blog. Feel free to comment below if you have experienced major fluctuations in organic search visibility in the last couple of weeks.


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