Today’s post is a rant about Google Tag Manager. You know the tool, that if you fart a thousand feet away Google will know. Hmm, that’s not entirely true. It’s a great tool and I’ve probably joined the party late with GTM.

Google Tag Manager is a tag management system created by Google to manage JavaScript and HTML tags used for tracking and analytics on website. Marketers want tag management that’s simple, reliable, and integrates easily with existing systems. That’s what Google Tag Manager delivers. You’ll launch programs faster, so you can make swifter decisions.


Coming from a developer prospective, I’ve probably held back from using GMT simply because if there’s ever been a need for an iteration of code or mark-up I would do it myself. It seems that beyond deployment of scripts that GMT has many other usages.

Tracking your every move

GMT from what I’m told and read is fantastic at event tracking, every conceivable action you can make on a webpage GTM can be tracked and logged via a series of event triggers.  The data tracked and logged can be invaluable for marketing decisions. Over the coming months I will digging deep in GTM to learn and harness its abilities.

I have installed GTM here on the Sitebee website, I’ll be trying out the visitor journey tracking and form tracking. I will also get permission from some of the freelance clients I work to test and try it out on their websites to build out and expand on GTM knowledge.

Very soon, I will offer GMT setups for businesses and eCommerce stores. Watch this space.