Setting myself a long-term goal to improve work / life relationship

Posted on November 15th, 2018 under Uncategorized by Chris Lever

Recently, myself and family moved to the other side (more affordable) of the city (Manchester), mostly because the cost of living and supporting my family has been steadily increasing, as it has for many families. To counter balance the ever-growing financial burdens I tried to increase the hours that I’m earning by increasing the amount of freelance time that I provide. It does help to alleviate the financial worries, but the at the same time its not helping me manage my work / life relationship. I find myself becoming stressed with the anxiety levels increasing that little more frequent and spending less time with my family. I know this is a common theme with a lot of working families, however for me I need to address this head on. For the sake of my sanity and wellbeing improvements need to be made along the way.

Short-term I will be fine, knowing that I now have set myself a long-term goal to improve my work / life relationship. I have a couple of ideas in the pipeline that will help me achieve that objective, one of my colleagues is often saying don’t work harder, work smarter. I’m going to take that as a good piece of advice.

I’m going to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses, not emotionally or physically but skillsets, expertise and confidence in my ability. I have worked hard to build up a broad range of digital marketing and web development expertise over the years. I’m going to look at which areas to a I excel at, what is the demand for those skillsets, what skills will be in demand in a few years from now? Also apply that thinking to my weaknesses and more importantly, where do I get fulfilment?

Once I have drawn a conclusion, it may help me to lower the stress levels and/or progress my career and my personal development. Again, work smarter, not harder. Just thinking about doing this is already making those small subtle differences.

Sitebee, the freelance consultancy I setup will be fine. We’ve grown our local talent resource pool this year, which means I don’t necessarily have to be onhand to contribute on all the inbound work, I can oversee and ensure that best practices are being followed and quality of work is maintained to a very high standard. Which ultimately will provide me with a wellbeing boost as I have a little more time to spend with my son and partner.

I’m reaching out for some advice here, as I’m sure there’s many professionals out there that manage a full-time day job, freelance work, family and finances. How do I approach it? Where do I start, and can there be negative sides? The goal is to spend more time with my family and to increase my skillsets and earnings potential.

Jeez, is that the time? I should get myself of to bed. Thanks for reading.


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