Hey, and welcome. I will cut straight to the chase on this as there’s no point beating about the bush. I’m looking to attract thought leaders in the digital marketing and web development sectors to collaborate on my blog. I feel that welcoming rising talent to contribute their thoughts, tips and sector news can help with building relationships and securing new business.

As gratitude for contributing time and resources towards helping me achieve my goals, I can also reciprocate the favour by contributing back and writing thoughtful, meaningful and conversational blog articles on your networks. Let’s strike up that conversation and start collaborating. I welcome digital marketing related posts, including time-saving tools. Along with web development guides and tutorials. Major news updates relating to shifts in web behavioural trends and privacy. Social media stories and helpful resources. In short, would you find it worthy of reading? Would others too?

What do I blog about?

Personally, I’m a bit of a geek. I’ve found that I’m more at home writing about technical subjects, especially SEO related. I find it easier to write about, I don’t brainfreeze with writer’s block for tens-of-minutes at a time. I’ll quite happily nail out a 1000-word post with annotations, citations and visuals about the latest crazes in SEO. If you have read through a few of the posts her on my Sitebee blog, then hopefully you’ve got an idea of my style of writing.

Looking for?

The game plan is to personally write-up or publish one meaningful post per week. That’s quite a feat to achieve on ones own. That’s why I’m reaching out to seek like-minded bloggers to contribute. All published submissions will be credited with a user-page and welcome to insert links within posts. I know lots of blogging networks persuade against external linking. But hey, I work in digital marketing myself and I know the importance of crediting people’s work and contributions.

Get in touch

I’m available for a couple of guest blogging slots per-month. It would be unwise for me to stretch myself, a couple a regular guest blog slots would work just fine for me. Should you be interested in writing articles for the Sitebee blog, get in touch. I’m only a phone call or email away. Contact details are listed in the footer.