Experienced professional for hire to collaborate on website migrations. My name is Chris, I have undertaken and collaborated on well over a dozen large-scale migrations, both re-platforming and domain migration. I’m available to hire on a freelance project basis to oversee the Technical SEO and content migration aspects.

My agency-side experience working on numerous large-scale and complex website/platform/domain migrations. Mostly collaborating on Magento and Shopify eCommerce re-platforming of varying complexities with multiple geographical storefronts. I’ve led and undertook dozens of smaller site migrations such as WordPress/WooCommerce, Prestashop, Opencart, Demandware, Umbraco, Sitecore and many other platforms.

Replatforming a website can be a daunting process for businesses. It’s not one of the projects that you frequently commit to. Once every few years to keep pace with evolving technology? Should you choose to hire me, it would be my responsibility to ensure fluctuations in organic search visibility and traffic are kept to an absolute minimum. The last thing you want to see is for organic search traffic to tank because of a poorly thought out and executed migration strategy.

Domain Migrations

Is the business you work for rebranding? Would that include the migration of your digital assets such as your website and domain?

It’s not uncommon for a business to migrate both the website and the domain on a rebranding exercise. If you require expert consultation by a leading professional in both website and domain migration strategies, then feel free to reach out to me.

I can help you define your content migration strategy, help you decide which valuable content you should retain and which content you can prune, redirecting the equity to another area of the website.

Failed Migration Recovery

Do you require help recovering lost organic search visibility and traffic likely caused by a failed migration? If so, reach out to me, contact info below. I can turn around and recover a failed website/domain migration.

I have an auditing checklist that I use on failed migrations. I can run the audit and provide you with an actionable recovery plan. I can also help you execute that plan to speed up the recovery process.

A quick word of warning, depending on the severity it could take a while. For example, you’ve culled the majority of popular content. Redirects are usually quicker fix, as it crawl-budget optimisation.