There are a few new services on the horizon in the very near future. I’ve had feedback from webmasters and website owners in Bolton that would like to sign-up and use some of the intuitive and insightful digital marketing and SEO tools on the market that are just too expensive for them to justify the cost. Especially for very light usage.

That gave me an idea, I have access and use tools such as AHREFS, Majestic, SERPStat, Screaming Frog and many others. I could pull data as and when they need it with commentary and actionable insights at a more affordable cost. No monthly tie-in, SEO data as and when it’s required by the stakeholders.

So, over the next few weeks, I will be rolling out a couple of new service pages on the Sitebee website to cater for the webmasters on a tight budget. I will take orders via my WHMCS billing portal using Paypal or Direct Debit as payment choices.

What exactly can I provide, well for starters I can offer competitor insights such as backlink profiles, you can see exactly where your competitors are gaining backlinks from and how. I can also offer keyword lists and data to help you with choosing the right keywords to drive traffic towards your business website. I can even provide you with top-line SEO audits of not only your own website but your competitors too.

Just think what you could do with all that data?? I will even offer my thoughts and actionable tips to help you get the ball rolling. I won’t be actioning the recommendations per-se, that’s up to you. But you will get lots of valuable data much cheaper than subscribing to the tools.

I have also thought about a telephone digital marketing consultation service, it is still a pipeline idea at this stage, however, the plan is to offer 30 minutes phone calls to listen to your hold-ups, snags and SEO problems to then offer actionable recommendations to help you overcome those problems. Think of it as your digital marketing agony aunt. 😊 Again, it would be your own responsibility to action those recommendations. I can offer guidance along the way as a reduced hourly rate. If I think your issues are too complex for you to overcome on your own I may recommend I lead the strategy. Just until you find your sailors feet.

Watch this space.