I constantly work with Shopify websites and with each Shopify store that I work on, I learn something new. Especially on the Technical SEO and website performance (speed). I share some of those learning on my website. I have a dedicated section specifically for sharing Shopify knowledge bombs.

Here is a quick roundup showcasing recent Shopify tech and content knowledge sharing posts.

1, Shopify SEO Hack – Collection Product URLs to Clean Product URLs

Shopify has a problem with internal passing SEO value (link equity) from the product category pages to the actual products. The problem is that by default the actual product URL path is housed within the category path like this: “/collections/all/products/test-product”. The canonical and XML sitemap version of the product URL path is “/products/test-product”.

Read it here: https://sitebee.co.uk/hub/threads/shopify-seo-hack-%E2%80%93-collection-product-urls-to-clean-product-urls.7/


2, Shopify – How to upload a custom XML Sitemap and verify it with Google Search Console

Due to the technology architecture that is powering the Shopify platform, you cannot upload files to the root domain (or any sub-folders) to the Shopify store. This means should you wish to override the default in-built Shopify XML Sitemap generator to submit your custom XML sitemap or International XML Sitemap you are up-shit creek.

Read it here: https://sitebee.co.uk/hub/threads/shopify-%E2%80%93-how-to-upload-a-custom-xml-sitemap-and-verify-it-with-google-search-console.5/


3, Shopify – How to add HREFLANG Tags

Are you running a Shopify Plus shop with the intention of expanding into different international territories? In this post, I am going to teach you a simple method to implement HREFLANG tags without the further expense of International SEO Shopify Apps.

Read it here: https://sitebee.co.uk/hub/threads/shopify-%E2%80%93-how-to-add-hreflang-tags.8/


4, How to add schema breadcrumbs (structured data) to Shopify pages

I shall show you how to add schema breadcrumbs (structured data) to Shopify pages. Using this method, you will have greater control and visibility on the breadcrumbs that you will be deploying.

Read it here: https://sitebee.co.uk/hub/threads/how-to-add-schema-breadcrumbs-structured-data-to-shopify-pages.6/


5, How to connect your domain to Shopify (Namecheap)

In this tutorial, I will show you how to connect your domain name registered with Namecheap to your new Shopify eCommerce shop. This is a relatively easy tutorial to follow taking only a few minutes to complete.

Read it here: https://sitebee.co.uk/hub/threads/how-to-connect-your-domain-to-shopify-namecheap.10/

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