Branding Removal Hack using Google Tag Manager


Here's a quick easy money saver for you. Certainly if you're more dev orientated and know a little Javascript.

Lot's of paid for scripts add forced branding to their footers. Generally in the form of a citation or link (or both) They also often offer an upsell for branding removal to increase revenues. Experienced search professionals such as ourselves, know that sitewide links, etc can negatively impact on performance.

So in knowing that, if you're tasked with improving a client's search visibility knowing that they are using a script/app with forced branding. Wouldn't you want to do something about it? Google Tag Manager can help you overcome forced branding without modifying script core files, etc.

Append the text string (or link) using GTM custom HTML and jQuery. Seriously look into it. It can be done, as can be shitloads of other stuff. Internal linking, metadata, dropping cookies, etc.

I'm not gonna go into more detail, but you get the drift. Have fun.. Go follow this fella, he has loads of GTM Hacks: Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics