Crawl Budget and Indexing Thin Content (when does crawl budget kick-in?)


It's late, so I do apologise in advance if some of this is jibberish. Hmm, how to start? OK, so Google publically states that they try their best not index and include thin content withing the SERPs. Their reasoning (and logical) is that it serves no real purpose for the average Google search user. Makes sense and I agree with that stance.

Recently, I've been wanting to test out some theories I have. Actually parts of the inception of this forum are based on some of those theories. The theory on this occasion is why does Google index crappy non-meaningful pages on smaller websites relatively quick and repeatedly get visits from Googlebot? What I mean by that is; generically titled, obscure H1 and placeholder editorial content. In other words absolute shite, parsable in microseconds. In a recent experiment. I threw up around a dozen non-meaningful pages. Discoverable by deeplinks (left out of sitemap).

TBC - I just realised the time.