Julius Fedorovicius - Google Tag Manager Recipes


If you're starting to get your head around Google Tag Manager and learning to deploy variables, triggers and tags. Then this resource compiled by Julius Fedorovicius may be of some use to you. He's compiled a list of useful GTM Recipes that will save you time and help to better measure the quality of your website's traffic. They would for most digital acquisition channels; organic, paid, email, direct, affiliate, etc.

The list of GTM recipes has over 40 downloadable containers including:
  • Scroll tracking
  • Page loading time
  • Outbound link click tracking
  • Zopim chat-script tracking
  • Form abandonment (drop-off) tracking
  • File downloads tracking such as zip files, PDF's, etc
  • Copy text tracking (useful for seeing if visitors are copying contact info such as email addresses and phone numbers)
  • Engagement tracking in the form of event listeners of x amount of pageview
  • Cookie management
  • And much, much.
The URL: 40+ Google Tag Manager Recipes - Analytics Mania

I have referred to the list of a number of times over the last 12 months or so. They are downloadble json containers. If you decide to try any of the GTM recipes, best sure to make a backup of your existing GTM container. I would also recommend that you merge containers on upload. Do not overwrite as you may lose your existing triggers and tags.

Have you found any other Google Tag Manager resources that list useful GTM recipes? Please post them in the forum replies below. I'm planning on creating a list of GTM recipes for forum scripts such as this one XenForo and myBB. That will be some time away yet though as I'm still in the process of building out the community section of this website.
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