Trademark as a link building tactic


I hold the UK trademark for Crawl Rate. Not one of my smartest moves. Although there was some logic behind my thinking. A couple of years ago I applied for a IPO trademark on the term Crawl Rate. The rationale behind it was to listen out for mentions (using various tools) of the term 'crawl rate, crawlrate on websites. On discovery of the mentions, I would manually reach out to the website/s' with a polite reminder that it was a registered trademark. That I was happy for the website/blogger to use that term on their website. All that I asked is that is a reference, citation or link back to the website I set up for it.

This next one will make you smile or think I'm a daft sod. I also tried to trademark 'link building', to your relief it never got accepted as a trademark. I even appealed against it twice. Again to reiterate, it was an attempt to think up a low-cost link acquisition method and by my thinking, I don't think anyone has attempted this method. I could be wrong, but not to my knowledge anyway. Thinking about it, I think if you get the right word/term and the right business sector. it can be done and would work.

Link Building: Search for a trade mark - Intellectual Property Office

Crawl Rate: Search for a trade mark - Intellectual Property Office

I've done a fair few out of the box thinking SEO experiments over the years. In monetary terms, this is one of the more expensive ones. Although, to be fair. From the trademarks I hold. It was a useful learning experience and at times quite exciting. You can get a kick out of it. The next question is, have I let the cat out of the box (BERT, good luck interpreting that one ;) )? I have my eye on another trademark that is organic search related.

The lowdown:
A trademark application to the UK IPO takes about 15 minutes and costs around £200. It takes a couple of months to get the IPO trademark to be researched and approved. If you get it approved, you're well within your right to reach out to site owners, asking them for a recognition citation or link. That was my logic. Maybe it could work for you?

The IPO researchers are really smart. Make sure you do your research too ahead of an application. Do let me know if this has inspired you?
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