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SEO Consultant Bolton – Are you a medium-sized business located within the Bolton area operating online? Do you sell online (eCommerce) or have your website as a shop window to the world (lead-gen)? As you probably already know, the Internet is a crowded space, and growing by the month. New contenders are popping up online every week, each seeking their own piece of the action.

If you choose to hire Sitebee, you’ll be gaining a competitive edge against your existing and future competitors. That competitive edge is knowledge and expertise in crafting successful digital marketing strategies. Those strategies primarily cover organic search (SEO), but as anyone worth their salt knows, you cannot succeed purely investing in a single channel. You need to diversify. Multi-channel and multi-forked approaches are generally a winning formula for acquiring new customers and client-leads. Covering all touchpoints in a user’s online journey from discovery, research and buying is how you succeed.

Bolton Freelancer

With Sitebee, you’ll be hiring an experienced addition to your team. On an hourly freelance basis that is. You can hire me to help with the formulation and execution on strategies. Whether that be ensuring that your website is fit for purpose from a technical standpoint (technical SEO) to ensuring your website is populated with meaningful content (content development) and then on to content marketing (link building). Whilst keeping in-mind other channel activities such as paid media (PPC), social media, email marketing and affiliate channels.

Digital Marketing Expertise in:

  • Technical SEO
  • Website Audits
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Development
  • SEO Strategies
  • Competitor Analysis

Hire Freelancer Chris Lever

Would you like to discuss in more detail whether hiring Sitebee would be a good fit for your business? If so, drop me a message, email or pick up the phone. I have years of experience in organic search marketing for eCommerce and lead-gen companies spanning many sectors and industries.

For a quick qualifier heads-up my hourly rate is £35 per-hour (excluding disbursements). I’m a straight to the point digital marketing strategist with 9 years professional experience in SEO and Digital Marketing.

SEO Bolton – Freelance digital marketing specialist available to hire in the Bolton area.

How much does SEO cost?

Freelancer prices are generally between £30 & £50 per-hour. Agency prices range from £50 & £120 per-hour. Agencies also tie you into a long-term contract whether they deliver results or not. Working with freelancers offers flexibility to support your business without a contract.

How long does SEO take?

SEO is a long-term strategy to build authority and trustworthiness. That being said you can expect measurable results in 3-6 months. A return in investment typically takes between 6-12 months depending on how competitive the sector that you operate in.

Does my business need SEO?

Only you can answer that question. Most businesses need to advertise in one form or another. Investing in SEO is another form of advertising, Invest wisely and the rewards are a steady stream of visitors looking for your services or products. That’s what SEO is about, building authority and trustworthiness that attract visitors looking for your products and services.

How do I know SEO will work?

SEO is about strategies, you need to work with an SEO Consultant to formulate a successful strategy based on your growth expectations and level of investment your marketing budget has ringfenced for SEO. Pay monthly SEO isn’t a strategy it’s a subscription.

Can I frontload my budget to yield faster SEO results?

Based on the strategy you sign-off on with your SEO Consultant it is possible. For example; a well-strategised successful content marketing campaign to build authority can increase organic search visibility rapidly over the course of 2-4 months. If the content quality is to a high standard of trustworthiness it can be even quicker. It does carry risks though, generally with competitor fightbacks.

Are you Bolton based?

Yes, almost, I’m based just down the road in Radcliffe. Surely that’s close enough for regular face-to-face catch-ups? Happy to meet with your board of directors and investors. Anything that helps you get sign-off on a budget for resources can only be a good thing. If you’re a small business the red-tape should be to easier cut-through. I help businesses throughout Bolton, Farnworth, Westhoughton, Horwich and Radcliffe.

Are there any guarantees?

Marketing across any medium or channel offers no guarantees. You cannot physically make people buy a product or use a service. So let’s be honest about this, if any SEO freelancer or digital marketing agency offers you a guarantee, you need to question the validity of that claim. More importantly, will it convert into customers?

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Would you like to arrange a chat over the phone or over a coffee (or a pint)? Let’s find out if I’m a good fit for your business and a good candidate to help you with meeting your short-term and long-term digital marketing objectives. Reach out to me.

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