SEO Manchester

Leading freelance SEO expert in Manchester. Do you need assistance to rank your website higher in Google and other leading search engines? Hire me to improve your search engine rankings and to drive valuable traffic to your website.

I’m a leading SEO consultant based in Manchester, with over a decade of hands-on practical experience. I help businesses in Manchester and throughout the UK to generate web traffic that convert into customers. I help all types of small to medium size businesses a foothold in Google, including tradesman such as roofers, plumbers and builders. To small shops such as florists, hair salons and dog grooming salons. I also have a wealth in expertise promoting online businesses such as online shops and lead-gen websites for the financial and services sectors. I have worked within dozens of sectors and industries.

Manchester based SEO Consultant

If you need an SEO expert to help push your website rankings up on to the first page of Google then you’re in luck! I have availability to work with you on your next digital marketing campaign. Being based in Manchester I can offer my expertise via email, over the phone and a monthly catch-up at your business premises or in a coffee shop (or pub) in Manchester City Centre. I create you reports and Google Analytics dashboards, so you can monitor performance. I will even help you ascertain a ROI which will help you monitor you marketing spends..

For pricing, I would recommend a minimum spend of £300 per-month. As previously mentioned I will help you with working out the RIO on your spend for my services. I’m fully transparent, explaining what work I will be carrying and why it needs to be done. Typically, a substantial portion of the SEO consulting time will be spent on building landing pages, writing content and attracting links from authoritative websites within your niche. Some of that spend will be used for securing links, although most it will be for my time.

Digital Marketing Services

Send me an email or give me a call. We can arrange to meet, where I can explain what I can do for your website and promoting your business online. I will explain through the processes of keyword research, technical onsite optimisation, building landing pages and link building. For the implementation of the work I can implement myself or provide actionable instructions for your website developer (web designer). Either way the work will be delivered to a very high standard.

If it’s something your company could benefit from, reach out to me. Let’s have a chat over the phone to discuss your individual (or team) requirements.

I’m flexible too, you can hire me for one-off SEO training sessions, or on a more frequent basis such as quarterly or monthly. It is entirely up to your requirements and needs. You can also hire me by the hour, some of the companies I work with call on me to work a few hours here and there to ensure I ring-fence their current website rankings.

I will build a short-term or long-term SEO strategy to help with promoting your business website through organic search. Organic stands for the natural listings you see below the PPC ads with the Google Search Engine.

Let me help you with:

  • On-site – meta data optimisation, headings & content development
  • Off-site – link building, outreach & reputation management
  • Technical SEO – improving website performance, auditing techniques & quick-wins
  • Local SEO – Google my Business & attracting local visitors
  • Conversions – increase click-through-rates & increase conversion rates
  • Analytics – Google Analytics, Tag Manager & Data Studio training
  • Training Material – help to develop custom tailored training strategies for your staff

Educating business stakeholders in the value of digital marketing

Need to drive traffic to your website that converts to leads, conversions, customers and sales? That’s a silly question, let me rephrase it. You know what you need, you are looking for a business partner. Someone that can deliver a strategy that delivers? Hear me out before clicking off.

Lead-gen Manchester SEO

So let’s start with, I’m writing content on this page that is aimed at driving leads in my direction. I’m not optimising it for Google, Search Engines or web crawlers. I’m directly reaching out, cutting straight to the chase. I’m looking to earn that little extra cash to provide my family with a more comfortable life, food on the table, a roof over our heads. How do I achieve that? I work hard, I study and absorb all the knowledge that I need to promote my website and other people’s websites via organic search, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Digital Marketing

Google uses machine learning algorithms to detect over-optimisation on web pages and suspect link profiles, if you’ve clicked on a few digital marketing websites before landing on mine, you’ll probably see bullet-pointed lists of services, keyword-stuffed, questionable link profiles. I’m assuming they’re going after vanity search terms such as SEO Manchester.

I know that term has roughly 1.5k search volume per month. Remember I mentioned that was a vanity term? All the digital marketing agencies in and around Manchester will be targeting that search term. That means there are dozens of rank trackers scraping Google organic listings looking for that search term, and then you have all the agencies themselves searching week in, week out.

Vanity Search Terms

The point I’m trying to get across, in fact two points. The first being is over-optimisation may rank you for targeted search terms, but do they convert? Is the messaging targeting relevant visitors or the search terms for SEO purposes? Do you see where I’m going with this? The second point is vanity terms, stakeholders love vanity terms, especially those with higher search volumes. Apply a little logic to that, forecasting on based on CTR’s and conversion percentage will fail.

Manchester SEO Consultant

I’m available to hire on an hourly freelancer consultancy basis, projects and campaigns or longer-term retainer-based. Get in touch with me, let’s have an initial call and then follow that up with meeting for a coffee in Manchester City Centre. Let me know what it is your trying to achieve, what business objectives you have?

Mobile: 07821 170 682
Landline: 0161 883 2249