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Are you looking to improve your business websites organic search visibility? We're available for hire to lead or collaborate on digital marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing experts based in the heart of Manchester. We have the skills and experience to help businesses grow online. Our one-stop digital marketing services are tried and tested methodologies to not only help SMB's establish a presence online, they also provide you the knowledge and strategies for obtaining year-on-year online growth.

Leverage new opportunities for your future organic growth

We can identify how your organic SEO budget could work harder and stretch further. This doesn't mean spending more, just focusing the balance of where budgets and attention should be.

Our goal is simple, to maximise the return on your online spend. We will help your team tackle through the existing issues and leverage new opportunities for your future organic growth.

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Image above, increase of organic keywords after site optimisation

Give us a call or drop us an email, we'll arrange a convenient time to discuss how we'll devise a killer strategy to improve the organic visibility and traffic to your website. We provide coverage throughout the UK, including Manchester, Bristol, Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh, London, Norwich and Birmingham.

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The Journey starts with an Audit

We'll start with pulling together a full Technical SEO Audit Report of your website, digging deep and analysing all the areas of a site attributed to causing poor organic visibility. Working with industry standard tools and years of experience with auditing sites.

Prioritising issues in order of SEO benefit, taking the time to guide all of the clients we work with through what is needed to improve your site efficiently and effectively.

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Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

Identifying the most useful keywords for your business, and establishing search volumes. Keyword research can also reveal gaps in the market and even help you to predict shifts in seasonal demand. Ensuring we're choosing the best possible search term that are within reach to maximise your ROI.

Understand the competitive market your working within is key to building your strategy to maximise revenue and put you ahead of your competitors.

keyword research

Our background – Sitebee Search Marketing was established in Bolton back in 2011 with the clear goal of providing affordable digital marketing services to small-to-medium sized businesses throughout the North West. Since then we've helped dozens of companies with optimising their websites and providing actionable marketing strategies. Our focus - is delivering ROI, digital marketing does require investment in time, resources and money. Drop us an email and we'll arrange a time to talk, lets talk about the current digital hurdles your business if facing and see if we can apply a strategy to help with winning new customers and growing your company.

Summary – we are a Manchester based digital marketing agency providing affordable digital marketing campaigns to help businesses to increase organic search traffic (Google). A campaign can entail competitor analysis, keyword research, content development, landing pages optimisation and link building. Our pricing – starts from around ~£300 per month with a recommended minimum investment period of 6 months. Our coverage – we're Manchester based, offering our services nationwide with face-to-face, telephone and email consultation services.

We cover:
Manchester | Bolton | Stockport | Bury | Oldham | Wigan | Preston | Blackburn | Burnley | Leeds | Sheffield

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