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Website optimisation, often referred to on-page SEO is the foundation work required to ensure maximum organic search engine visibility

Has your company recently invested in having a new website developed and published by a web development agency? Was there any SEO considerations taken into account? For example, who provided the content, who defined the headings? Was there a strategy in place to define and populate the meta titles and descriptions? If you have doubt on any of the considerations I just mentioned, go revisit the contract and look through the technical specifications.

I know from experience that many web development agencies often overlook onsite optimisation techniques and considerations to keep the build costs down to provide competitive pricing against other briefs and tenders from other competing development agencies.

With that said, your new fantastic looking website is now live on the internet ready to leverage many new opportunities. Part of that thinking process should be how can I jump up and down waving my arms around to make search engines take notice of the new website. That's where the onsite and on-page optimisation techniques can come into play.

What I've just covered, does some of that ring true? Sure, it does. Well listen, I'm available to hire on a freelance basis. I can help to identify the weaknesses within your company website, whether that be content, headings, titles and descriptions and a whole bunch of other considerations.

Once those weaknesses have been found and flagged, we (as in you and me both) will put together a plan of action and strategy to make it easier for the major player search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) to find and understand the contents of your website. In return, search engines are very likely to provide your website a boost in organic search visibility (increase ranking positions).

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