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Technical SEO Services

Welcome to the Sitebee Technical SEO & Digital Marketing Hub. This website is packed full of resources, tutorials, and tips to help make digital marketers and website owners better at optimising websites. Started by freelancer Chris Lever, Sitebee is a treasure trove of information to enhancing website performance and conversions. Contact Sitebee (Chris) for collaborations, guest speaking and to request a consultation.

How can we help you?

Most companies that Sitebee have worked with generally start with a technical SEO audit to uncover those hidden gremlins hampering a website’s ability to reach its maximum potential. If you have something else in-mind such as Core Web Vitals optimisation or need guidance undertaking a migration project, then reach out to us. Below is a list of technical SEO services that you can hire us to deliver on.

Latest threads in the Forums

The community forums are packed with tutorials from experienced technical SEO professionals. We are a growing community and very welcoming. Consider joining, sharing your expertise and join in with the conversations. As we are relatively a new venture, you might find the odd UX bug here and there. Do not worry, we have got a long list to prioritise through. We will rectify those bugs ASAP.

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