Excel Formulas to build URL paths for bulk creation of webpages


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This guide will show you a very easy method to create URL paths in bulk using Excel or Google Sheets. I created over 3500 URL paths in less than 10 minutes using mobile device names scraped from Google Analytic's.

As an SEO practitioner, you may be asked to create URL paths for dozens if not hundreds or even thousands of new URLs paths.

One trick I tend to use is to replace the whitespace between words (H1 heading or page title) with hyphens (aka dashes).
The SUBSTITUTE formula locates every space between words (or numbers) and replaces them with a hyphen.

=SUBSTITUTE(B1," ","-")

Drag the formula down to copy across multiple rows. This tip works for both Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

Formula to replace whitespace with hyphen.PNG

UPPERCASE to Lowercase
Next step is to convert UPPERCASE to Lowercase using

And lastly, if your using a file extension such as PHP or HTML. Create a new column for the file extension populated with the chosen file extension name.

Concatenation Formula
Then use the concatenation formula


The results should look something like this image below

If you would like a full copy of the sheet with formulas comment below and I will happily share it with the readers of this guide.
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