How to connect your domain to Shopify (Namecheap)


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In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to connect your domain name registered with Namecheap to your new Shopify eCommerce shop. This is a relatively easy tutorial to follow taking only a few minutes to complete.

Let's begin.

Step 1, firstly login to both your Namecheap and Shopify accounts.

Step 2, In the Shopify administration area, navigate to the Domains section. Click on the 'Connect existing domain' link. Enter the existing domain name in the text box. Do not add the prefix http or www, you only need to enter the domain name itself. Click on 'Next'.


Step 3, Now head over to your Namecheap account and select the domain name that you want to bind to Shopify. The default DNS setting for Namecheap should be set as 'Namecheap BasicDNS'. That is the setting we are going to use. Click the 'Advanced DNS' tab at the top.

Step 4, Now we are going to set the Shopify DNS entries that are required to bind your domain to Shopify. In the HOST records section, modify the existing CNAME from 'Namecheap domainparking' to ''. Next up we are going to create an A Record, pointing to this IP address: Click on the ticks to confirm the entries.

Let's run through that again! You can also use the image posted below to double-check the required host record entries.

CNAME - (www)
A Record - (@)

Step 5, with the required host record entries set, you should to head back to Shopify browser tab. Click on the green verify domain button. If you followed the above steps correctly you should see the validation message. If validation failed, double-check the DNS settings again.

That's the tutorial complete. Feel free to comment below if you encounter any snags and need a little extra help. Thanks for reading and good luck with your new Shopify eCommerce store. I have posted many more useful Shopify tutorials and tips on here on this forum.