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Free open-source tools that integrate Google Lighthouse libraries as part of their main tool offering. To begin with I have posted this set of tools for my own usage. But, if like me, you find value in the tools feel free to comment below and suggest more Lighthouse tools to add to the list. Disclaimer, to start the list I found them on Github.

  • auto-lighthouse – a CLI for crawling a domain and generating mobile and desktop reports for each page.
  • Exthouse – Analyze the impact of a browser extension on web performance.
  • Garie – An open source tool for monitoring performance using Lighthouse, PageSpeed Insights, Prometheus, Grafana and Docker.
  • Gimbal – An open source (MIT licensed) tool used to measure, analyze, and budget aspects of a web application. Gimbal also integrates reports with GitHub pull requests.
  • Gradle Lighthouse Plugin – An open source Gradle plugin that runs Lighthouse tests on multiple URLs and asserts category score thresholds (useful in continuous integration).
  • lightcrawler – Crawl a website and run each page found through Lighthouse.
  • lighthouse-badges – Generate gh-badges ( based on Lighthouse performance.
  • lighthouse-batch – Run Lighthouse over a number of sites and generate a summary of their metrics/scores.
  • lighthouse-batch-parallel – Run multiple Lighthouse runs in parallel to accelerate the data collecting process, get the result stream (csv, json, js object) in your own process (warning: performance results may be volatile).
  • lighthouse-check-action – A Github Action to run Lighthouse in a workflow, featuring Slack notifications and report upload to S3.
  • lighthouse-check-orb – A CircleCI Orb to run Lighthouse in a workflow, featuring Slack notifications and report upload to S3.
  • andreasonny83/lighthouse-ci – Run Lighthouse and assert scores satisfy your custom thresholds.
  • GoogleChrome/lighthouse-ci – (official) Automate running Lighthouse for every commit, viewing the changes, and preventing regressions.
  • lighthouse-ci-action – A Github Action that makes it easy to run Lighthouse in CI and keep your pages small using performance budgets.
  • lighthouse-cron – Cron multiple batch Lighthouse audits and emit results for sending to remote server.
  • lighthouse-gh-reporter – Run Lighthouse in CI and report back in a comment on your pull requests.
  • lighthouse-hue – Set the color of Philips Hue lights based on a Lighthouse score.
  • lighthouse-jest-example – Gather performance metrics via Lighthouse and assert results with Jest; uses Puppeteer to start Chrome with network emulation settings defined by WebPageTest.
  • lighthouse-lambda – Run Lighthouse on AWS Lambda with prebuilt stable desktop Headless Chrome.
  • lighthouse-magic-light – Set the color of the MagicLight Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb based on Lighthouse score.
  • lighthouse-mocha-example – Run Lighthouse performance tests with Mocha and chrome-launcher.
  • lighthouse-monitor – Run Lighthouse against all your URLs. Send metrics to any backend you want, save all reports with automatic data retention, and compare any two results in a web UI.
  • lighthouse-persist – Run Lighthouse and upload HTML reports to an AWS S3 bucket.
  • lighthouse-viewer – Render the Lighthouse JSON into a report, using the Lighthouse Report Renderer repackaged as UMD and ESM. Also available with React, Svelte and Vue wrappers.
  • lighthouse4u – LH4U provides Google Lighthouse as a service, surfaced by both a friendly UI+API, and backed by Elastic Search for easy querying and visualization.
  • performance-budgets – Easily assert Lighthouse budgets with Docker.
  • pwmetrics – Gather performance metrics.
  • react-lighthouse-viewer – Render a Lighthouse JSON report in a React Component.
  • site-audit-seo – CLI tool for SEO site audit, crawl site, lighthouse each page. Output to console and tables in csv, xlsx, json, web or Google Drive.
  • webpack-lighthouse-plugin – Run Lighthouse from a Webpack build.
  • is-website-vulnerable – An open source Node.js CLI tool that finds publicly known security vulnerabilities in a website’s frontend JavaScript libraries.
  • cypress-audit – Run Lighthouse and Pa11y audits directly in your E2E test suites.

Expect more posts from me in the way of Lighthouse automation using Node.JS and Python. Add below any new relevant tools that fall within this category (Google Lighthouse).
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