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Very Easy Breadcrumbs is a free WordPress plugin that adds waypoint (navigation) breadcrumbs to a WordPress website. Installation is easy, simply add the pre-built breadcrumb shortcode into the WordPress theme template where you like the breadcrumbs to appear.

Version 1.0 Features
  • Custom CSS - Override default breadcrumb styling
  • Separator - Choice of common breadcrumb separators
  • Override the breadcrumb 'Home' for local language (or sub-folder installs)
  • Checkbox to enable/disable breadcrumbs to trigger on the homepage
  • Shortcode - Easy to insert shortcode to show breadcrumbs on any WordPress theme

WordPress by default does not provide out-of-the-box functionality for breadcrumb paths. Breadcrumbs are an important navigation tool for growing websites. Breadcrumbs help visitors freely navigate around a website. Leaving a visible waypoint breadcrumb trail back to the important pages as they navigate deeper into a website's inner pages.

Breadcrumbs can also help boost your SEO performance by improving website usability (UX) and create internal links back to the important waypoint landing pages. Giving your website a boost in Search Engine rankings to help compete with your competitors.

Download and Install
Download the latest version of the WordPress breadcrumbs plugin using the link provided below. Do not download from any other location with the exception of the WordPress plugin directory (once submitted and verified). Upload the plugin via the WordPress plugins page. Once uploaded, activate the plugin.


Download link:

After plugin activation, insert the plugin shortcode into the theme header file. You may need to wrap the plugin shortcode within a container or a div class for styling.

WordPress (PHP) Shortcode
<?php echo do_shortcode("[very-easy-breadcrumbs]"); ?>


Plugin Settings Page
This is the WordPress plugin configuration page.

Breadcrumb Demo
Using the WordPress Twenty TwentyOne Theme. Shortcode inserted into the header.php file.

The plugin is provided as an open-source script, leaving you free to modify, edit and share. No warranty is provided, if this plugin causes functionality issues with your website. It is reccommended that you deactivate the plugin and seek out another solution.

Version download is version 1.0.

Breadcrumb Plugin Support
This WordPress breadcrumb plugin has been tested on clean versions of WordPress installations. No errors or bugs have been detected. Should you encounter any bugs or require support. Please comment below with examples and screenshots for free support.


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