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Very Easy Headers and Footers Inserter is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to easily inject meta tags and scripts into the HEAD and Footer section of any WordPress-powered Website.


The Very Easy Headers and Footers Inserter plugin is for WordPress site owners who have little knowledge of editing theme PHP files or do not feel confident editing live template files. The plugin allows you to inject the tracking scripts such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Oribi, Matomo, Clicky, Hotjar, cookie notices, advertising scripts, and any other script without ever needing to touch or edit a template file.

The plugin creates a webhook with the theme template to inject tags and scripts in 3 key sections of a webpage.

1, The HEAD section – injects meta tags and scripts into the HEAD, the HEAD is where all of the common meta tags are located.

2, After the opening BODY – sets a priority to inject scripts or HTML after the opening BODY tag. Google Tag Manager requires you to embed a script after the opening BODY tag.

3, The FOOTER section – Injecting scripts in the HEAD section can often slow down a webpage loading time. Placing scripts in the FOOTER helps with speeding up page loads. The plugin allows you to inject scripts into the FOOTER.

How to Install and Configure

Download the plugin from the download link provided below. Upload the plugin via the WordPress plugin installer, then activate the plugin. Once the plugin has been activated head to the settings section in the WordPress admin section. The menu link name is Very Easy Headers and Footers Inserter.

The plugin settings page has the 3 sections input boxes to paste in your scripts and tags. They are HEAD, Opening BODY, and FOOTER. Simply paste your scripts to the relevant section and click the save button. Then, view your website’s page source (refresh the page first) HTML to check if the injected code is present. That’s it, easy and stress-free. No template editing.

Download Link

Plugin Support

The plugin has been tested; bug-free on 3 different WordPress websites. If you encounter problems with the Very Easy Headers and Footers Inserter plugin. Comment below and I will try to help you solve the issues.
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