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Independent local digital marketing and SEO advice for business owners and stakeholders who are seeking opportunities online. Affordable advice, reporting and recommendation implementation.

As you’re likely to already know, growth is crucial to keeping your business afloat. Generating new business on your own will be hard. Traditional print such as local newspapers, magazines and local mailshots are sadly a declining method of attracting new business. Diversifying your marketing budget to include search engine marketing is very likely a wise decision for your business. If you already have an established website, then great. If not, time to get designed and published within the next couple of months.

Local SEO Services

One of the methods for growth is attracting new visitors to your business website and Google my Business listing is via search engine optimisation (abbreviated as SEO). Search engine optimisation is the process of fully optimising your website’s pages and content to match local searcher intent.

Once optimised Search Engines such as Google will likely take notice that you’re making the effort to improve the visitor experience for your potential local website visitors. The effort pays off in the form of increased search engine visibility, meaning you start to climb higher in the natural listings. This is known as Local SEO.

Local SEO services for small businesses who operate within their town, city, county and surrounding counties. Grow your reach online to attract new customers, online-leads and increase footfall to your shop/business premises.

Independent Advice

I’ve found that in recent years a growing trend for business directors and owners that are shifting away from using SEO agencies. They’ve been looking for solid and sound advice to form their own search engine marketing strategy. As a search professional myself, I see this as a logical commonsense approach. Agencies are not always that transparent in their methodologies and tactics, in-short business directors/owners find it difficult to fathom an ROI from their investment.

My value is in 10 years of experience working on marketing campaigns and growing organic traffic for hundreds of local independent businesses. I provide knowledgeably expert search engine marketing consultations and advice. Charged hourly as and when you require my expertise on subject matters such as competitor insights and strategies, best practices, trends, algorithm updates, second opinions on inferior work implemented by another SEO/PPC agency.

Local SEO Coverage

Based in Manchester covering Bolton, Wigan, Bury, Stockport, Rochdale, Oldham, Trafford, Preston, Blackburn, Lancashire, Cheshire, Cumbria, London, Bristol, Norwich and available nationally.

Freelance Consultancy

Freelance means you are not tied into any lengthy contracts. Very high standard of work and delivery costing less than hiring an agency as my overheads are much lower.

Other Marketing Services

I offer a wider range of digital marketing, technical SEO and consultancy services. Browse through the Sitebee website for more info. Any questions? Just ask.

How may I help you?

My name is Chris, I have amassed 10 years experience in the digital marketing sector. Predominantly covering search engine marketing strategies in organic search (SEO) and PPC, encompassing a holistic approach to wider channel offerings such as affiliates and drop-shipping. I help business stakeholders formulate digital marketing campaigns covering strategy, implementation and measurement.

I’m available for hire by the hour for consultation and advice, project-based to collaborate on implementing optimisation, running audits, content writing and link building.

Reaching out to me is easy, you can phone me, email me or fill out the contact form with a brief description of your expected requirements. Manchester based, for coverage and availability click here

Phone: 0161 883 2249
Email: info@sitebee.co.uk

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