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Ready to take your company’s organic digital marketing to the next level?

Lacking on the in-house expertise to deliver on your organic search marketing performance KPI’s? Digital marketing budget not stretching far enough to hire a full-service SEO agency? Then, possibly I can help.

I’m an allrounder digital marketing freelancer with almost a decade’s worth of agency, freelancing and own professional development in organic search engine marketing. One of the advantages of hiring me is my day rate is a third (1/3) of what you’d typically expect to pay a reputable agency. The next advantage is my broad skillset, advanced technical SEO, content development, link acquisition, strategy and measurement. Have a browse around my website to get an idea and feel for the services I offer and experience level.


Create and define a digital marketing roadmap to cover the next 6-12 months. Building out a strategy to hit the goals, targets and objectives. Let’s discuss in detail what your business objectives are, and how organic digital marketing can help you achieve your targets. A strategy and roadmap are required ahead of the next phase, Implementation.


Building the assets to hit your targets. Assets come in the forms of improving your website’s technical performance, building out a content development plan, publishing content that attract visitors, earning links (link building) to grow your website’s authoritativeness in your sector and most importantly carving out a reputation for your business brand.


A standalone measurement of success is the influencing of the bottom line. In monetary terms that is Return on Investment (ROI). But did you know that by measuring a successful digital marketing campaign can give valuable insights about your visitors’ sentiment? Turning that data into knowledge for crafting better experiences for your visitors and customers.


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Technical SEO

Embarking on a fresh digital marketing campaign generally starts with a technical SEO auditing. Rating the performance against a 100+ actions checklist. Uncovering and rectifying any technical hindrances dampening performance. Audits are available as a standalone project or as part of a wider campaign strategy.


I’m available to hire on a freelance basis to help ensure a smooth and trouble-free website or domain migration. From creating risk registers to redirect mapping and revising site architecture. I have overseen dozens of migrations in the last few years, including recovery work from previous failed migrations.

Content Optimisation

Optimising the existing written content on a website can lead to quick organic search visibility gains. Often referred to as on-page optimisation, the processes involve the optimisation of the page titles, content, headings and meta & structured data, based on keyword research, searcher intent, competitiveness and best practices.

Content Development

Content development is not to be confused with content optimisation, although they do follow similar processes. Content development is about expanding and increasing the discoverable keywords/terms your website can be found for in organic search. Creating more primary pages based on your service offerings or products. Building a content hub to attract more visitors and to support your primary offerings.

Content Marketing (Campaigns)

Content marketing is about attracting coverage from relevant and authoritative websites. It’s about giving editors and journalist golden nuggets of information, data and topical subject matters to publish on websites, social channels and traditional print. The reward from the coverage is usually in the form of a link, brand mention and/or shares to their social following. That coverage is what is needed to build brand identity and website authority.

Link Acquisition (Link Building)

There are other forms of link building besides content marketing. Some are relatively easy to acquire, providing added value to your marketing strategy. Such as paid placements, guest blogging, asset sharing and even relevant/local business directories. There are dozens of ways to earn/attract links to your business website. I’ll work with you to define a link building roadmap that provides long-lasting incremental improvements to your website’s authority.

Local SEO

Competing online locally is becoming more and more crowded by the day. New competitors joining the marathon, lead-gen directories muscling in on wanting a slice of the action. In-short, ranking locally can be just as resource and time consuming as going after nationwide visibility. I learnt my trade with local SEO strategies. I can make local SEO work for your business too. Attracting relevant visitors to your website from local towns and cities.

Google my Business

Google my Business is a free service offering from Google to registered businesses. Competition is intense to trigger a showing in the local map pack in cities such as Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol, Norwich, Brighton, Bolton and London. But once you’re in there it can send you dozens of leads, customers and enquires every month. Certainly, worth the initial investment of optimisation and consultancy.