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Manchester-based freelance Technical SEO Consultant available for Hire.

Freelance Technical SEO Services & Auditing

Over the years, user demands, technology and how people access the internet have dramatically changed and search engines such as Google have had to adapt and become more sophisticated.

Technical SEO is one of the most complex areas of digital marketing as it involves such a broad range of activities that are constantly evolving. The demand for faster, feature-rich websites that convert is growing at a phenomenal rate, as are the technologies driving that demand.

For example, take JS frameworks it was only a few years ago that JS frameworks such as Angular, React, VueJS, NextJS and so on were in their infancy. Yet in the last 1-2 years JS framework websites have exploded in popularity.

The demand for Headless technologies that aggregate content and assets across a multitude of platforms are growing, bringing with it a whole new set of technical SEO crawlability, readability and indexability challenges to solve.

Technical SEO is not just a box-ticking exercise, it is a fundamental activity that requires regular commitment if long-term growth plans are to be met. Technical SEO shouldn’t be treated as a reactive activity when issues arise. It is a channel of neverending opportunities for growth.

We provide expert technical SEO consultancy, helping you prioritise and drive down technical debt. Investing in Technical SEO to optimising your website's foundations will help with reaching its maximum organic potential. Technical SEO shouldn’t be treated as a reactive activity when issues arise. It is a channel of neverending opportunities for growth. Technical SEO lays down the foundation for any website.

Technical SEO Audits

Having technical SEO issues with your website? That you suspect could be impacting organic search visibility and conversions? A technical SEO audit is a sure-fire way to uncover those underlying issues and highlight additional opportunities.

Uncovering Opportunities for Growth

Purchase a full comprehensive indepth Technical SEO audit that covers all aspects of crawling, rendering and indexing, and pretty much everything else that could hold back SEO performance.

A Technical SEO audit is aimed at identifying issues that can impact crawling and indexing, rendering, rankings, speed and performance, International SEO, mobile-first SEO and a whole host of other issues.

Hiring an experienced Technical SEO like myself to uncover those issues and opportunities is a great starting point to remedying those underlying snags that are holding back performance.

Once the audit has been completed it will be delivered to you in a spreadsheet format with full supporting documentation and imagery. Followed by a video call with yourself and your team to go through each identified issue and opportunity. Discussing the potential, impact and development resource of every issue logged.

The audit findings will uncover opportunities for growth!

A Technical SEO Covers:

  • Site structure
  • Schemantic structure
  • Internal linking
  • Broken links (inc broken backlinks)
  • Redirects (301 & 302)
  • Structured data
  • Meta data & meta tags
  • HTTP Headers & Robots.txt
  • Canonicalisation
  • Sitemaps
  • Javascript rendering
  • Pagination
  • Category & products pages
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Site performance and speed
  • International SEO (hreflang tag)
  • Tracking best practices

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    Migration Specialist for Hire

    Experienced professional for hire to collaborate on website migrations. My name is Chris, I have undertaken and collaborated on well over a dozen large scale migrations, both replatforming and domain migration. I’m available to hire on a freelance project basis to oversee the Technical SEO and content migration aspects.

    My agency-side experience working on numerous large-scale and complex website/platform/domain migrations. Mostly collaborating on Magento and Shopify eCommerce replatforming of varying complexities with multiple geographical storefronts. I’ve led and undertook dozens of smaller site migrations such as WordPress/WooCommerce, Prestashop, Opencart, Demandware, Umbraco, Sitecore and many other platforms.

    Replatforming a website can be a daunting process for businesses. It’s not one of the projects that you frequently commit too. Once every few years to keep pace with evolving technology? Should you choose to hire me, it would be my responsibility to ensure fluctuations in organic search visibility and traffic are kept to an absolute minimum. The last thing you want to see is for organic search traffic to tank because of a poorly thought out and executed migration strategy.

    Domain Migrations

    Is the business you work for rebranding? Would that include the migration of your digital assets such as your website and domain?

    It’s not uncommon for a business to migrate both the website and the domain on a rebranding exercise. If you require expert consultation by a leading professional in both website and domain migration strategies, then feel free to reach out to me.

    I can help you define your content migration strategy, help you decide which valuable content you should retain and which content you can prune, redirecting the equity to another area of the website.

    Failed Migration Recovery

    Do you require help recovering lost organic search visibility and traffic likely caused by a failed migration? If so, reach out to me, contact info below. I can turnaround and recover a failed website/domain migration.

    I have an auditing checklist that I use on failed migrations. I can run the audit and provide you with an actionable recovery plan. I can also help you execute that plan to speed up the recovery process.

    A quick word of warning, depending on the severity it could take a while. For example, you’ve culled the majority of popular content. Redirects are usually quicker fix, as it crawl-budget optimisation.

    Having Technical SEO issues with your Website? Request a Free Consultation

    In short, it depends. Websites that have been around for a few years or more that have been suffering from technical SEO issues have in effect been held back. Resolving those those legacy issues will certainly improve visibility (improve keyword rankings).

    A hacked website can be a very costly and embarrassing experience. Hackers take advantage of your domain authority by rewriting the HTML and Javascript code. You may never see the changes as they cleverily use user-agents to mask activity. A technical SEO audit can help to pinpoint those code rewrites/injections.

    Website speed can vastly be improved by optimising asset delivery such as JavaScript files and images. WordPress website owners have access to speed optimisers and asset delivery plugins. eCommerce websites such as Magento, Shopify and Demandware will need base code revisions. Sitebee can help to speed up and improve performance for any website on any platform. Reach out for more info.

    Shopify is a fantastic intuitive eCommerce platform to sell your products and services online. It does have some drawbacks though such as an enforced site structure ( /collections and /products). No access to edit the robots.txt, labour intensive redirects management and numerous other technical gremlins to overcome.

    I have optimised more than a dozen Shopify and Shopify Plus websites for eCommerce start-ups and established brands. I have advised on how to build out the best site structure. Configured the schema (structured data) to get the best SERP enhancement visibility. I have set up complex hreflang configurations for international SEO and many other Shopify technical SEO activities.

    If you are looking to optimise your own Shopify store. Visit the Shopify forum where I post guides and tutorials. Here is the link: If you need help with Shopify technical SEO, reach out to me.

    Magento is a fantastic eCommercer platform for online retailers. It is also a mammoth of a platform. There are so many dependencies and outdated bundlers. Replacing RequireJS with another bundler works wonders with improving LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) and FID (First Input Delay). Magento optimisation is complex.

    Reach out to us to take advantage of the free 30 minute technical SEO consultation. We can pinpoint failing Core Web Vitals elements and provide feedback.

    Keyword ranking fluctuaxtion is normal after a site migration. You will see initial keyword drops as search engines are revaluating the revised structure, codebase, content and technical hints of the newly updated website.

    However, a poorly conducted migration that has cut corners and costs can have serious ramifications. The first indicator of this is a drop in organic visibility and ultimately a drop in conversions. Our recommendation is to have a SEO recovery oringtated migration, content and technical based audit.

    International SEO configuration for multilingual and multinational expansion is a complex operation to get right the first time around. Especially if you have little to no experience with International SEO.

    A common misconception is that all it takes to launch an international SEO strategy is hreflang alternate URLs implementation. Hreflang tags are a very important factor, but hreflang is just one of many factors that are needed to align. I have helped some of the largest UK brands to expand internationally. I have also helped to rectify International SEO misconfigurations and failures.

    Yes, Technical SEO audits need checklists so that nothing is overlooked. With over 150 checks covering all aspects of crawling, indexing, rendering and accessibility. That’s links (inbound and internal), speed and performance, structure and navigation, meta data and structured data, image optimisation, plus a plethora of other checks.

    The technical SEO audits are not rigid to only follow a checklist. Things can be missed just by following a checklist. That’s why I also conduct manual sense checking, looking for snags and issues built up from over a decade’s worth of knowledge from building and optimising websites.

    A full technical SEO audit is £1200. Covering crawling, rendering, indexability, speed & performance. Highlighting opportunities and grading them by impact & complexity.

    Conducted by a seasoned expert (myself) and delivered in 1-2 weeks in a spreadsheet & document format. Followed up by 1 hour video call to discuss the opportunities and recommended fixes.

    Most businesses that I work with have in-house or 3rd party developer support to deliver on the recommendations and fixes. However, if you do not have developer support, I can help with implementing fixes & recommendations.

    That does come with the caveat of the complexity and the technology stack powering your website. Popular platforms such as WordPress, Umbraco, Shopify, Magento, etc I can support you as they are bread & butter platforms I work with.

    I’m a freelancer, working mostly in the evenings & weekends. I do have a full-time role as the Technical SEO Manager at award-winning eCommerce agency of the year (2020) Bring Digital.

    Due to that reason, my prices are slightly lower than full-time freelancers. Covering my overheads such as tool subscriptions, my hourly rate is £35 per-hour.

    To hire a full-time technical SEO consultant could be awfully expensive for your business. Hiring a technical SEO agency could also prove costly. Hiring a freelance technical SEO consultant significantly reduces the costs. You can hire me by the hour, or by project (such as a migration).

    I provide a wide range of technical SEO services, in fact, the same service that you would employ a technical SEO agency to deliver. I can audit, identify and provide actionable fixes to a very high standard of delivery with no corner-cutting.

    Yes, I am more than happy to collaborate with international clients. Whether your business is based in the United States, UAE, Australia, Canada, or Ireland & further afield, I can support you with overcoming your Technical SEO hurdles.

    Please note* occasionally, I may request for fees upfront on international payable via IBAN.

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