Technical SEO

Brilliant content and a fantastic marketing strategy could go even further backed by a solid Technical SEO foundation.

Reach out today to find out how Sitebee can help you increase conversions using Tech SEO.

Technical SEO Services

In which area do you suspect your website is underperforming? Read though the possible causes below and if in doubt drop us a message. Sitebee provide a range of Technical SEO services to help your website perform better in organic search and increase conversions.

Failed Website Migration

Site has taken a downturn following a domain or a platform migration. Organic visibility and traffic fell off a cliff?

Spam & Suspect Links

Recent or pastlink acquisition strategies have been doubtful. Digital PR hoodwinked you in to buying PBN links?

Architecture & Hierarchy

Growth of website is outgrowning the pace of building site authority, causing rankings to drop?

Keyword Cannibalisation

Same keyword targeting across multiple URLs causing ranked search terms switch between URLs in SERPs?

Site Speed & Performance

Page rendering sub-optimal? Slow page loads = lost conversions. Improving page-speeds is one of the quickest-wins.

Algorithm Update Impact

Outranked by your competitors in a recent Google althorithm update? Let’s uncover the reasons why?

Technical SEO Auditing

Investing in Technical SEO increases the potential of your website’s content to perform at it’s very best. Maximising organic reach by removing any technical roadblocks that may hinder crawling and rendering.

By allowing Googlebot (and other similar technologies) to fully crawl, parse and render the meaningful content on your website frequently, greatly increases the full potential of your content development strategies. Whilst decreasing the chances of your competitors leapfrogging your assets.

Starting with a Technical SEO audit – uncovering and peeling back the very foundations of your website.

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Freelance Technical SEO Manchester

Manchester-based Technical SEO freelancer, available at short notice to collaborate on website migrations, failed migrations, JavaScript SEO, in-depth Technical SEO audits and SEO recovery work.

The businesses that hire me have lead-gen or an eCommerce website that they suspect there could be an underlying issue holding back the performance. Drop me a line, let us have that chat on what value can I add to your online presence.