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Experienced a dip in organic search traffic and visibility following a search algorithm update?

If you need support or consultancy following the rollout of a Google Algorithm update, get in touch.


Google’s Algorithmic Shifts

As a business owner running a website to generate new business you probably already know that Google updates its natural search algorithms virtually every week. Often websites can fall on the negative side of the algorithm updates. In most cases leaving website owners scratching their heads wondering what happened and what do next.

That’s where I can help out. Working in the digital marketing industry for almost a decade, I keep a close eye on emerging trends and best practices in SEO. Listening out and interpreting what Google’s next updates could possibly be.

Knowledge bomb: Google’s organic search algorithm updates generally focus on rewarding websites that offer visitors excellent quality content in the form of expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. The technical aspects are usually focused on site performance, accessibility and user experience.

It’s also worth noting just because you’ve experienced a dip in organic search traffic and visibility it doesn’t necessarily mean that your website is poor. It could be that Google has rewarded a competing website with greater search visibility because it has made improvements to the quality of its content and improved its technical SEO. That still does translate to there’s room for improvement for your website.

Algorithm Update Support & Consultancy

The significant noticeable Google updates are called Broad-core Algorithm updates. “A ‘Broad-Core Algorithm Update’ is a name given by Google. It refers to a collective (broad) re-evaluation and introducing new elements into the (core) search algorithm.” They are the really big updates that most websites feel the impact from in one way or another (positive or negative).

If you need support or consultancy following the rollout of a Broad-core Algorithm update, get in touch. If you a pair of experienced eyes on your website to help you futureproof against Google’s search algorithm updates, get in touch.

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