Technical SEO Audits

Do you need to get the most out of your website’s potential? Investing in a technical SEO audit will identify areas in need of improvement. Acting on the recommendations listed within the SEO audit findings is one of the step in the right direction to maximising your website’s potential.

Sitebee has been conducting technical SEO auditing and analysis for many years now. The objective is simple, to identify performance hindering issues. Providing actionable recommendations to swiftly rectify that highlighted technical SEO problems. An audit starts from £600 (typical cost is £900) with a two week turnaround period.

Why do I need a Technical SEO Audit?

Reasons for investing in an SEO audit differ from one business to another. But they all have a common goal. Which is to increase the website performance and raise organic search visibility.

Why Invest?

Booking a technical SEO auditing is an investment in your business’s future potential. A few months down the line from implementing the audit findings is when you’ll see the return on that investment. That benefit is increased organic search visibility (higher search engine rankings).

It’s not just the organic search channel that sees the benefit. All channels will, PPC, Direct, Social, Referral and organic. Increasing your website’s performance is a proven strategy for increasing engagement levels. Visitors will stay on your website longer, engaging for longer increases conversions. For an average cost of £900 for the audit, surely that is an investment for your business?

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